Bank Of Ceylon Exchange Rate – Bank Of Ceylon Forex Today (update 06.2022)

What is Bank Of Ceylon?

Accordingly, Bank of Ceylon (BOC) was ceremoniously opened by Sir Andrew Caldecott, then Governor of Ceylon, on the 1st August 1939 at the City office premises located in Fort Colombo.

BOC, as a domestic bank began to grow despite severe competition from exchange bank and informal money-lenders. It opened its first branch in 1941 at Kandy and subsequently in outstation towns, such as Galle, Jaffna and Trincomalee. Bank of Ceylon opened its first overseas branch in 1949 in London.

The Bank was nationalized in 1961 to facilitate the national development efforts.

In keeping with the prevailing state policies, the Bank had to fulfill the aspirations of the nation. Under the Agricultural Productivity Law which was enacted in 1972 Agrarian Service Centres were set up island wide. As a result, the branch network expanded tremendously covering most of the rural areas of the of ceylon logo

bank of ceylon logo

Bank Of Ceylon overview

  • Address: No 1, BOC Square, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 01,Sri Lanka
  • Tel : +94 11 2446790-811(22 lines)
    +94 11 2338741 / 55
  • Fax : +94 11 2321160
  • Email :
  • Website:

Bank Of Ceylon Exchange Rate – Updated Bank Of Ceylon Forex 2022

Here is the latest Bank Of Ceylon foreign currency rates

boc exchange rate

Exchange rate tables: USD, EURO, Yuan, Yen, British Pound, Australia dollar,… of Bank Of Ceylon are updated today.

Currency Buying RateCurrency Selling RateTravelers Cheques / Drafts Buying RateTravelers Cheques / Drafts Selling RateTelegraphic / PFCA / BFCA Transfers Buying RateTelegraphic / PFCA / BFCA Transfers Selling Rate
Australian Dollar238.4965258.1316240.5584256.7146244.3128
Bahrain Dinars854.3985986.4853------------
Canadian Dollar263.7212289.8483272.239288.271274.8787
Danish Kroner48.551352.977249.730652.691950.1655
Hong Kong Dollar43.149447.441244.728847.184345.1465
Japanese Yen2.58512.76162.60882.74662.6318
Kuwaiti Dinar (New)1,072.721,225.20------------
New Zealand Dollar207.6358235.7778220.1002234.4952222.587
Norwegian Kroner34.914637.842435.635537.635835.9394
Omanian Riyal902.8113970.2831------------
Pounds Sterling428.0042455.5861431.1924453.1182436.1756
Saudi Riyal87.5566103.0665------------
Singapore Dollar251.5561268.3219254.1011266.8741256.5314
South African Rand20.7723.605422.147323.478922.3578
Swedish Kroner32.729936.812934.677336.612234.9601
Swiss Franc361.8447388.7111367.0267386.6703370.1501
UAE Dirams91.5593104.1939------------
Chinese Renminbi50.2355.717652.552855.418953.053
US Dollar357.3369.3356.455367.3357.3
Thai Baht10.056511.056510.076511.056510.1065
Updated as of6/28/2022


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